ARC Ref3 or Ref5 with Karan

Looking to have your opinion about matching the Audio Research Reference preamplifiers with the Karan power amplifiers, either the KSA 650s or the KMA 1200. Thanks.
I'm not sure you will find someone who tried that exact combination. I've successfully used the BAT Rex with an output impedance of 200 ohm. There is probably no way to know but to try. I would think this would make a great combination. I am having trouble finding the input impedance spec for the Karan amps.
I also have just questioned the Karan distributor about the gain and input resistance of their amplifiers, but I am still waiting an answer. Anyway, I will borrow a pair of KA M 1200 by the end of the month and I will measure it at that time.
BTW, I could see that you are selling your 1200's for a nice price - did you find anything better for your Isis?