ARC Ref3 and Rowland 201 a good match?

ARC Ref3 and Rowland 201 a good match?
I can only speak in general terms concering Audio Research and Jeff Rowland electronics. I had an Audio Research LS 25 MK2 and a Jeff Rowland Model 10 amplifier in my system for a number of years and it was a great match. I used the balanced mode and it brought out the best in both pieces.

The AR preamp was very detailed and accurate while the Rowland amp had great bass control and an extended midrange and trebele.

I have to state that I haven't heard either one of these models but I am very familar with the house sound of both companies and I wouldn't hesitate to try them together.
Don't think so. The Rowland 201s are unfortunately not in the same league as the ARC Ref3.