ARC REF3 and Boulder 2060-a match made in heaven

I just recieved an ARC REF3 to go along with my Boulder 2060. They are driving Dynaudio Temptations. What a combo. I had been using my Switchman 3 as the primary preamp but I wasn't happy. The sound was detailed with excellent imaging
but had a very hard edge to it. When I switched to the ARC, everything fell into place. Beautiful timber to the midrange, excellent bass with a coherent image side to side. The front to back image was also better, but my room and speaker location are not optimized yet, and I think that that in particular suffers. I will be moving into my new room in about 3 weeks, with much more optimal (read into the room) speaker placement, and acoustical management.
Meanwhile, I can't turn it off.

David Shapiro
David. I've been wondering about the new ref3. Please keep us updated as you have more time with it.
Did you compare it with the Bat 51se?
Congradulations on the Ref3. I found that mine really hit it's stride at about 80 hours. I'd be curious to know at what point you felt the break in period was over.