ARC REF10 fuse upgrade

I'm interested in upgrading the fuses in my equipment to HiFi Supremes.
The problem is that my ARC Ref10 preamp is using a 6.0A fuse from the factory, and the only option is the HiFi Supreme with a value of 6.3A.
Will there be any problem with this 0.3A difference?
A word of caution. Make sure the HiFi Supreme fuse is UL Listed. If not I would not use them!

Also make sure the length and most importantly the end caps OD of the HiFi Supreme fuse is exactly the same as the ARC stock fuse.

Read SNS posts and my reponses to him.
I think it is unwise to replace any fuse with anything other than one with the original value.

It should not be a problem as long as it is within 10% of the value. The Ref 10 should have at least two fuses, look on the circuit boards. I have a Ref 5se and it has two fuses. One on the back and one inside on the circuit board near the power supply.

I replaced the fuses in my Ref 5se and Ref 110 with black Supreme HiFi Tuning fuses. To Be honest I really can't hear much of a difference. I did not replace the fuses in my other ARC pieces. I have heard them make a positive difference in other pieces of gear just not my ARC pieces.

What did make a huge difference with my Ref 5se was power cords. It was amazing how much of an effect they could have. The Shunyata power cords were a revelation, like you took a blanket off the speakers. If you have not played with power cords I would suggest you give them a try. I heard the biggest change with the preamp power cord but they all made a noticeable difference.