ARC Ref CD-8 Compared to ARC Ref CD-9 or CD-6??

I'm reposting this quesrion.

The ARC Ref CD-9 has been out for a while. At the moment, I am playing only redbook CD on my ARC Ref CD-8.

Has anyone out there had a chance to compares the Ref CD-8 with either the ARC Ref CD-9 or the recently released CD-6?

I understand that CD-6 shares a very similar circuit topology with the CD-9. The latter uses tubes in the power supply (6550 and 6H30) and output circuits (four 6H30s).
Would sure appreciate some thought on this subject. Thnx

basically the CD8 and CD9 are the same player. What you will gain w/ the CD9 is that killer DAC (much like the DAC8) offered by ARC. Said DAC is for computer audio applications.
I spent some time w/ the CD9 last year during my business travels. Every set-up had a Mac Book connected to the system.
Happy Listening.
Thanks Jafant ... still thinking about dipping a toe into computer/digital world, but so far, I'm holding with redbook CDs and vinyl for source.

So ... have you had the chance to compare just the redbook CD function of the CD-8 and CD-9. Is there much sonic difference?

I seem to recall that Kal once said that the CD-9 redbook function uses upsampling features and it doesn't have a 20K Hz brickwall filter. Therefore, slightly better sound; more dynamic.

Well that may be. But let me tell you about my PH-7 phono pre experience. I switched out my PH-7 for the PH-8. To this day, I still can't tell the difference.

the CD8 and CD9 are very , very similar in sound quality.
As a matter of fact, the new ARC CD6 is very similar to the CD9, minus the valves (tubes). Both the 6&9 have a killer DAC section.

More of an apple to apple comparison, Stereophile wrote an excellent piece recently comparing the ARC CD9 to the Aesthetix Romulus CD player. Check it out!
Jafant ... What you say doesn't surprise me. I think except for a few circuit changes that relate to the redbook CD playback functionality, the CD-8 and CD-9 very well could be closely related sonically.

As an aside, I picked up a few CD versions of older LP issues that I own. For example, The Manhattan Transfer. IMO, oftentimes the CD sounds as good as, if not a tad better, than the LP.

I am having even better luck with hi-rez redbook CD that I've picked up from Acoustic Sounds. I think redbook CD still has life. The challenge is getting good source CDs.
The CD9 is clearly more open and resolving than the cd8

I bought a CD9 for the outboard dac as well.
We demo'd it back and forth with the cd8 in the dealers shop and they were astounded.

The revamped power supply makes a big difference
Audiotomb -- I assume your comments about the CD-8 and CD-9 speak to the redbook function. Actually, I thought the CD-8/9 shared similar redbook related circuits and power supplies. So while I accept your comments, I am a little surprised that you thought the CD-9 redbook performance was so much better than the CD-8.

Interestingly, I bought a DEQX PreMATE a few months ago. The PreMATE comes with a DAC too ... uses Burr Brown chips. I compared the DAC functions between the PreMATE (using the CD-8 as a transport) and the CD-8. Very, very close.