ARC Ref 75SEs - great with Wilson or Dynaudio speakers. What about Vandersteen 2CI?

I hear that Audio Research Ref 75SEs sound great with Wilson or Dynaudio speakers.  Would this amp sound great with Vandersteen 2CIs?
Having owned 2ci speakers for many years, I would say yes.
Yes. I have a Ref75SE and have auditioned each of the following- 2CI, Vandersteen Treo, Quatro and Quatro Wood. As you go up the line the Ref75SE sounds better.

Do you own a Ref75SE, or thinking of purchasing? 

FWIW-after auditioning each, I bought ProAc because AR has voiced their amps with ProAc.
To Warfy,
I am thinking of purchasing the Ref75SE as my tube-man recommended it to me as a "killer" amp.  Why do you ask?  

What ProAc speaker did you buy?
Asking because of a similar query I made a while back.

Owning a pair of Audio Physic Tempos, I asked about how a Ref75SE, which I was thinking of buying, would sound with them.

I purchased ProAc 30DR. I really like the Vandys, and the 2CI is one of the best value for sound speakers I've heard. In the end, I got the ProAcs because I like the sound and having 3 cats that love to scratch things I own, made the Vandy fabric covers unrealistic :-)

And your tube-man is correct. It's a great amp. There are many speakers that sound great paired with the Ref75SE. If you haven't done this search A'gon discussions for REF75SE threads. 

Thank you Stereo5 and Wharfy.
(((FWIW-after auditioning each, I bought ProAc because AR has voiced their amps with ProAc.))))
Actually, Proac uses ARC as one of the many to voice their designs.
Vandersteen and ARC are a great match and have been paired well together for over 30 years.
Both great speakers and both play wonderful music together..
Try and experiment with the different Taps on the Ref 75 8 ohms usually works well with Vandersteens while
on certain Proacs like D48s 4 ohms works best.
Dealer for both.
i can tell you the ARC Ref75se is a great amplifier - I borrowed one to run my Vandersteen 7 MK2 while my Ayre amp underwent upgrade.
did it give up something to the much more powerful and expensive SS amp - absolutely yes...but no and I mean ZERO retreat in the critical midrage - where the soul of music lives.....
pair this with just about any Vandersteen for killer sound IMO.....

enjoy your tunes !!!!!!
The VERY first hi-end system I heard in a store geared to quality fidelity music systems  was shortly after I heard a pair of Vandersteen Fours demonstrated by a friend of a friend. The pairing was ARC M100 amps and Vandersteen 2C speakers, oh the beauty and glory of it all back in 1986, my first experience with these marque brands. There were many after that which confirmed this initial impression of ARC and Vandersteen. YES, go for it. I have also heard the ARC Ref 75, not SE version with Martin Logan, quite an impressive amplifier.  
The 2CI is very tube friendly so I think its totally worth a shot.
Thanks to all for your comments.