ARC REF 75SE uses 20amp cable - Can I use my 15amp cable and just buy 20amp IEC connector

Guys - the ARC REF 75SE requires at 20amp IEC at the amp end. Could I just buy a 20amp IEC Connector and just replace the 15amp one on my current cable keep my same cable and wall plug? Seems better than getting another cable if its ok to do?

I like my power cables. They not the most expensive but they work great and I have the full loom and matching conditioner. HiDiamond 3.5 PC.I would rather not go down the PC rabbit hole again if i can avoid it, I know there are adapters but if I can just buy a high quality Furutech 20amp IEC Coonector for the amp end and be done with it that would great but not sure that is ok to do. I assume it is ok though? The HiDiamond 3.5 is a pretty substantial cable but wanted to be sure and no one better to ask than you guys.


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Based on the ARC's listed power requirements of 500 W maximum, I would say yes, certainly.

The cutoff for 15A is 1,800 W.


Just double check your fuse size. According to the online spec it should be a 5A slow-blow.


The ARC REF 75SE might also require a dedicated 20 amp circuit breaker. If I were you I would look into that.
How many amps is the current circuit breaker you are using and what gauge is the wire going to that outlet?
Assuming the current circuit breaker and wire gauge is correct I believe the HiDiamond 3.5 could be adapted for your use. Personally, I would purchase a cryoed 15 to 20 amp adapter rather than having to rewire the power cord. Based upon the listening tests I've done I don't think you will be able to hear a difference in sound regarding an adapter vs the installation of a 20 amp connector.
The adapter will be fine. ARC spec 20A for many of their pieces but a good standard cable and adapter will work fine. Most cable manufacturers will re-terminate to 20A at modest cost, potentially less than a fancy Furutech adapter would cost. I’ve had many AQ and SR power cords re terminated from 15A to 20A and back
Very best choice is factory reterm. You're using top end gear so would think it worth it. Adaptors not a good long term solution imo. 
You know, another choice _might_ be to change the plug in the ARC unit instead. Especially if it uses spades internally, you wouldn't need much more than a screwdriver to replace it.