ARC ref 5SE question

Hi I have an option of buying a preowned ref5SE. My amps are the Audionet MAX and my natural choice would be the Audionet top of the line pre but I don't have where to audition. My current pre is the MBL based MC601 by music culture technologies. I never thought I will go for a tube pre again but I can audition the ref5 probably next week so I will give it a shot. What should I expect from the ref5 Se? Previous owners – which pre replaced it and why? Did anyone compare it to Audionet pre G2 by any chance ? Thanks in advance to all repliers.
...the Audionet would obliterate the REF5SE
as it should for double the money......

Do you know that based on your time with an Audionet Pre ?
I don't have an option to audition it and don't want to throw major $ without hearing it.
Icorem ... I can't offer comments about how the Ref 5 SE will compare to the other models you mention in your OP. But I do own the ARC Ref 5 SE. I already shared my personal reactions in a parallel thread you started.

If you can arrange a no-buy commitment, it's worth your time to take a listen to the Ref 5 SE. At the very least, it will give you a sense of how the Ref 5 SE stacks up against your current MBL pre.

Check the Audionet MAX amp's input impedance as I advised you in the parallel thread you started on the same subject. The Ref 5 SE is not happy if the amp's input impedance drops below 20K ohms.

That said, although I have no personal experience with the Audionet brand, I surmise that there may very well be a natural synergy between the Audionet pre you have in mind and your Audionet MAX amp.

Bottom line: Try the Ref 5 SE. You might like it.


Hi Bif
I will probably get the ARC for audition in the coming weekend.
I expect impedance matching problems in balanced mode as my MAX amp drops to 3kohm in xlr. In single ended mode it shows 37kohm so it might work there. Did you compare the ref5se between xlr and rca?
Another problem is that I have a 4.5m IC between the pre and the amp.

Since there was a problem in audiogon I have a duplicate post on the same issue so I'm sorry for that.