ARC Ref 5 vs Aesthetix Calypso Signature

So now with both these units having enough millage on the market, has anyone had the chance to compare them face 2 face?
Is the non negligible price difference justified sonically?
Any comment is welcome.
The Calypso SIgnature is over $10k? Ridiculous! Go get a used Callisto Signature.
Jafox, don't think a Calypso S is over 10k US. It should run at about 7-8k new and I'm surely looking onto a used unit.
The ARC Ref 5 though runs at about double the price of a Calypso S, both new and used.
The Calypso Signature can be had for $7000 new. I just upgraded from a standard Calypso to the Sig. Possibly the single most enjoyable upgrade I have ever done...the Calypso bested my Pass Labs 0.2 and the Signature upped the bar to a another level. I would love to hear the much more expensive ARC Ref series and compare. Anyone in the N.CA. Bay area want to do a A/B?