ARC Ref 3 Power Cord

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has replace the stock power cord for the Arc Ref 3 with some other power cord and has found it to improve the preamps performance? I have replaced the power cords on most of my other components and I am thinking of doing the same with the Ref 3. If so, is there anything good out there without spending an arm and a leg on?
Everyone here is using a different PC and some are relatively expensive. Why? What difference did these quite different cords make over the stock ARC cord which is quite substantially made? Did you purchase these cords for evaluation specifically with the Ref 3, or were they left over from previous uses? My only complaint about the stock cord is its excessive length in my application.
I use the Purist 20th Anniversary Contego Power Cord. I have compared it against the Stealth Dream, the Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix and the stock AR cord. My amps are the Lamm Ref 1.2 monoblocks. In my system, the Purist is a slight flavor improvement against the Stealth and Shunyata, and a significant across-the-board improvement against the stock cord. If you are using a Ref 3, you owe it to yourself to audition as many PC's as possible. These PC's are not cheap, but do make a difference. Just my opinion.
Audioesq, a difference, but what difference?

BTW, do you have dedicated circuits and/or power conditioning? It seems that the systems most influenced by power cords are those without any other power conditioning.
In over 30 years of using ARC amps & pre's, I have always found that changing the stock power cords afforded a significant improvement in the clarity and bass. I started out changing the old hard wired PC's as they deteriorated with visual surface aging of the natural [back then]rubber outer covers.
On the Ref 3 I changed to the Nordost Brahma, after trying the Nordost Valhalla. Brahma made a big difference, Valhalla did not.
However, Valhalla PC's were tried and kept in my phono stage, VPI SDS & SDS to VPI HRX motors, did make a very significant lift in the clarity.