ARC Ref 3 Display

I was wondering if anyone knows if turning off the display screen on the Audio Research Ref 3 while listening to music will help increase better sonics rather than leaving it "on" (showing volume setting etc...) Thanks in advance.
Have you tried it? Could you tell a difference?

I tried it with my LS-26 and personally couldn't tell a difference... maybe if I were an oscilloscope I could.
I can't tell any difference either.
I would say better with it off.
Been there,done that,got the T-Shirt.The answer is no.
That is what I thought also. I think its use is only if you like your room pitch black. I notice no sound difference. I gotta say I like Jim's response however :)
It sounds "darker". Ha, just kidding. I can't hear any difference.

I cannot tell the difference with the Ref 3 display on or off, but I can quite easily and repeatedly hear the difference when the 210 mono's displays are on versus off. The sound is two dimensional and not as immediate/dynamic with the displays on.
From the beginning my REF 3 display makes an audible noise,
to get it silent I have to go dark.But I notice no sound difference.
Greetings from the Netherlands
I know when my displays are off it really improves soundstage, the bass is much more tight with very smooth highs.
I can't tell any difference either.
Ahh you all got tin ears that's why! LOL