ARC Ref 3 and ARC Ref 110 tubes

I have a ARC Ref 3 and Ref 110. I am getting a crackling sound out of the left speaker. I am assuming I got a bad tube somewhere. I tried replacing the Power tube (6550C) in the Ref 3 but I still get the crackling sound out of the left speaker. I got 1500 hours on the other tubes in the Ref 3 and 1000 hours on the tubes in the Ref 110. Is there a way to narrow down which tube might be bad without playing a chess game of swithing tubes all around? It seems to me my system has also some slam loss.
You can narrow down the choices to either the preamp or amp. Switch interconnect channels from the preamp to the amp. If the crackle stays in the left channel, it's the amp. If it changes to the right channel, it's the preamp. Then go from there. Make sure you turn off both units BEFORE you change cables.
Pre amp tubes should last 5000 to 10k hours. Amp tubes 1500-2500. Personally, I only change output tubes in complete sets. If it's one tube, the rest are getting ready to go too.
Mofimadness can you explain the idea a little more. Sorry, but I don't get it yet?
Plug the right channel cable output from the preamp into the left channel input of the amp and vice versa. This is just switching the channels. If the left channel output from the preamp is faulty, the noise will shift to the right speaker. If the left channel of the amp is bad, the noise will stay in the left speaker.
Can someone tell me after how many hours on my amp that I need to be concerned about the bias? What is it all about anyways? Thanks
I am guessing you aren't serious. You really have, in your system, an ARC ref 3 and ref 110 and you are asking what is this tube biasing all about?
Yeah, that's right I do. I also drive a car, but do I need to know how everything under the hood works? NO! I have a stereo system that I enjoy listening to. I don't feel I need to know every nuance of how it works. This is a forum to help each gain knowledge, not criticize.
Tlg, I'll back you up here against repulso...
However, biasing tubes is the equivalent to changing your oil in that nice car. Even if you can't do it, understanding that it needs done is important (you did ask).

Reading the owner's manual should help. Only poweramps need the bias set. Some amps are "self biasing" where you don't have to worry. Others have meters or LED lights to indicate proper bias. Older amps and some simple designs have nothing and need set with a meter and probably a technician. Again, read your manual. I'd also suggest some basic reading just so you understand some. On, go to anthem and find "a taste of tubes". Skim this.

What happens as the electronics break in and/or wear out along with tubes aging, the current to the tubes will need minor adjustments. Too much or too little can shorten the tube life and even affect sound quality. If your tubes always burn orange and one or more "flare" up or start burning bright blue (really hot), that's a huge indicator to shut if off and get it looked at.

Otherwise, every 1500 to 2000 hours of use you will need new output tubes and just get a quality tech to do the installation and check your bias.
Tg, I apologize, was not trying to cricize you. Was hoping you were pulling a leg, but you have a valid question. Sorry-
On my Ref110, I checked the tube bias after 600 hours and found it well within parameters. It is easy to do, and if adjustment is necessary, that is easy also. It is well explained in the manual. Much easier than the old VT100 mk2, similar to the mk3.