Arc ref 250 vs. McIntosh MC2301

I am upgrading my system and I already decided for the ARC ref 5se and the phono ref2se. However, I am still looking for the best amplifier for my B&W 802. Initially, I was thinking about a pair of MC601. But now I am considering going 100% tube and the new ref 250 and the MC2301 are strong contenders. Has anyone had a chance to compare both amplifiers? Do they have power enough to drive the B&W 802? I am not sure I will be able to demo them here in Bangkok.
I listen mostly to LP's of jazz an blues.
You are comparing 2 completely different sounds. Mac = rich, rounded, a little burnished, more of a traditional tube sound than ARC. ARC more transparent esp in the upper midrange/lower treble where the MAC can be less revealing. ARC is better at revealing textures and color and provides a much broader soundstage.
That said, I've heard the 2301s in an all MAC system (C1000) with your speakers and IMHO this is one of the best synergies between electronics and speakers for MAC.
But overall I prefer the Ref 250s, esp with a full ARC system. Only problem is I've never heard your speakers in an all ARC system.
Thanks Gpgr4blu! It is an interesting description of the brands sounds signatures. I like the sound of the MAC with these speakers as well, currently I have the MC302 driving them, with a C48 pre and Aesthetix Rhea phono. I am pretty new in the hi end audio world, I have this system for less than one year but I like it so much that I want to upgrade it (does it make sense?).
I understand that probably the ARC will have more synergies with the rest of the electronics but the question is how it will interact with the speakers, right?
Has anyone listened to tube ARC with B&W 802D?