ARC Ref 2 Mk II tube rolling suggestions, please


I've had my ARC Ref 2 Mk II several years now and think it's time to re-tube. Rather than just replace the tubes with the same model/makes, I'm very interested in some suggestions. Also, when packing for my recent move (preamp still packed), I noticed one of the tube dampers had melted on to one of the 6H30s (or whichever tube there are 8 of). Is that a sign that dampers s/b avoided? Thanks!
There's no tube rolling for the 6H30 tubes. You can only use 6H30 tubes and only the Russians produce them. I think a couple of dealers sells an "NOS" version of this tube. I believe they were ones made in the '80s.

My friend had good experience changing to NOS tubes in the power regulating section. I believe it's an 5AR4 and a 6U6.

What tube dampers are you using? I believe ARC include the clear 3M tube dampers (look like a 1/8" thick spacer) with all their tubes, and they are supposed to stick to the tubes. Most of the legitimate aftermarket dampers are designed to withstand high temperature. But if the damper you are using is melting, it's probably not designed to be used on tubes. So, don't use it.

The only 'rolling' you can do with 6H30 tubes is between the cheaper Sovtek 6H30Pi and the more expensive 6H30P-DR. The latter may make a difference in your unit.
Agree with Gundam91 about your tube damper. Try Herbie's tube dampers.
You could roll the power supply tube.
Thanks for the tube damper suggestion.

Yes, I should've been more clear on which tubes I wanted to roll. Any suggestions for the 5AR4? The 6L6/6U6?

I did see an older post that mentioned switching in a Gold Lion for the 5AR4 and an RCA Black Plate 6L6GC for the other power tube. Thanks.