ARC Ref 10 tube rolling

I just purchased a Ref 10 which shows 2535 on the tube hours. The preamp is on the way to arrive next week. I want to know what are the recommendations for some tube rollings for the ref 10?

It uses eight 6H30P in the main units, two 6550C and two 6H30P in the power supply. Thanks!
@gpgr4blu  Thanks for the feedback! Cool, so if I ever want tube replacement, the option is from ARC directly? I am a bit concerned that I may need to change the tubes soon due to its hours. Do you know the cost of replacement tubes from ARC? Thanks.
I sometimes get them from ARC but they are almost double the price you will pay at shops like The Tube Depot or the Tube Store which also provide matched pairs, although ARC claims to put the tubes through extreme testing and matching. To the best of my recollection from a few years ago the 6550Cs are about $100 each at ARC and 6H30P are about $50 each there. Hopefully someone on this forum can get you more precise current numbers.
I asked ARC for pricing for a full set of tubes for my Ref 40:  $1,200!  I bought a tightly matched octet + pair of 6H30P's from Upscale Audio (I have a stash of Winged C 6550's for the power supply).  Upscale matches as well as ARC, and the 10 tubes cost me $490.  My 2 cents.