ARC product history (Audio Research)

I'd like to learn more about the manufacturing dates and specifications (not to mention reviews) of ARC's product line, going back some years. Their website is great, but only covers the current line-up. Are there any ARC enthusiast pages out there? Or other good references?
Suggestions: 1) For research, suggest you visit your local library and ask a reference librarian to help you look for magazine articles and reviews in the "Readers Guide to Periodicals." This is an index of magazines. 2) Also, have you tried asking Audio Research? They probably have copies of articles and reviews, and might be willing to refer you to magazines and dates you could look up. 3) If you think there's a need for an Audio Research site like you describe, why not create that yourself?
wow, really like to hear that! pretty sure wm j started out modding dyna stuff. doestnt old colony still sell a kit for a stereo 35 by wm j? i have an sp3a1 that needs to go to minn. by the way, i searched for them on the web and didnt find a thing, but then im compooter illiterut.
Pick up a copy of the Orion Blue Book ($150 for a new current copy, used $50-$100). It lists all ARC models, years made, original retails, and basic specs.
I am a former ARC employee and would be happy to help you in any way I can. I operate a modification company called Great Northern Sound Co and we do a lot of mods on ARC gear (among other brands). I'm not trying to run an ad here but if I can be helpful with specific questions let me know.
I owned a pair of Dyna MKIII's that had been modified a company called electronic industries ( or something close to that ) which I understand was Wm. Johnson's company just before ARC. I still have my SP3 in action today and recently brought it into ARC for a new volume control. They had a NOS rack mount faceplate lying around and I had them put it on.