ARC preamp recommendation

I am looking for a little X-mas gift for myself and would like some feedback about ARC preamps that would be the best fit. Mostly vinyl-Linn LP-12, Grado Sonata, some CD-Cal Icon MK II . Avalon Arcus speakers and PSE monoblocks. Any thoughts about SP-8, SP-10, SP-11. Current models? Would like to make a little music and live with it for awhile. Appreciate the insights.
If you can afford it...the SP 10 you have listed is the one!!!
There is a big difference in the cost of an SP-8 and the 10 or 11. The 8&10 are full tube models, the 11 a hybrid; Less expensive to retube (check ARC site, and factor for aftermarket if you choose). HP/TAS thought the 11 was better than the 10 when it came out. All are sonically similar and recommended pieces; higher thought of by many than ARC's current gear (except the Ref). (the 8 was less expensive when new, will your ears tell you that?)
Please see my comparison of SP-10 MK2 and SP-11 MK2 on the following thread...

I like the SP-11 MK2 more than the SP-10 MK2 and believe that its sound is more versatle than that of the SP-10 MK2. Good luck.