ARC preamp compatible with Classe amps?

I'm thinking of pairing an ARC Ref 2 Mk II with the Classe
CAM 350 monos. Leaning towards the Revel Salon or Studio. Any thoughts on the synergy between ARC and Classe? Thanks.
My friend has a system that has the ARC LS-16 paired with the CA-200? (200Wpc stereo) that works quite well together. I would think that going up in the product lines would provide similar results.
They combine fairly well. I think it is much better than using the Classe preamp. Other good choices would be the BAT VK50SE, CAT or Aesthetix.

Do not limit yourself to just those speaker choices. There are plenty of other choices for speakers that can take you further for less money. Go listen to as much as you can.

Good Luck.
I used an ARC SP9MkIII with a Classe 10 for years and it worked great together. A good friend has used an ARC SP14 with a Classe 15 for years with very good results. I don't think you could go wrong.
Classe amps are terrific values, I've owned several over the years. I used a pair of DR-8's with an ARC SP9 MkII and with a SP14 with good results. If you haven't bought the preamp yet, a better choice would be a BAT.