ARC Pre + which SS amp?

I intend to pruchase an ARC tubed pre (LS 16 or 25) and was wondering which high current SS amp matches well with it. I often seen them paired with Levinson amps but was wondering if Krell, Simaudio, Pass (or others) will also have good synergy.

I use LS-25 with Pass Labs X250.5 and I think this combo synergizes extremely well. Also, there is a nice difference between running ARC balanced or single ended. Balanced is always better. I tried.
I see you use B&W speakers.
FWIW, I found the X250.5 with LS-25 to work great with my B&Ws.
Brystons work fine for me. Don't believe all the "Brihgtsun" crap.
adamg, very timely post. I am in the market for a new preamp to mate with my Pass XA160 amps. ARC Ref3 is on my shortlist.
I'm running the LS16 with a BAT Vk 220 SS amp. This works well also.
I tried the LS-16 last week with my Krell amp and it had a pretty nice sound stage but was lacking in the bass and a little bright compared to my PS Audio PCA2.
Plinius and ARC seem to go well together.I have run both a Ls 16 and a ref 3 with a Plinius SA 100 mark 3 ( balanced) and have been pretty happy with both.
Rwwear, can you be more specific as to which Krell it is, what speakers, etc?
I've got an ARC SP9 with GNSC Ref mods. I ran it with a Levinson 331 for many years but about a year ago I replaced the Levinson with a McCormack DNA-500. Whoa, what a step up! Amazing dynamics and depth of soundstage. Great match.
My LS25mk2 is very happy paired with Bel Canto ref1000's. IMO a better combination than the LS25mk2 and the VS110.
I'd recommend you try it with your Bryston for a while and see if that works for you. As an alternate, I'd try to give a listen to the ARC solid states. Some of them are quite good - D240, 100.2. You just never know what is going to sound great in your listening room. My 2c. Good luck.
I second DNA-500.
However, one note of caution, with the 500, the input impedance of this amp is rather low at 10kohms, so careful matching with a tube preamp is a must. You can't have too high of a gain or you won't be able to finely adjust the volume.
Similar experience as MdConnelly. I have an ARC LS-25 Mk I with GNSC Ref mods, using 4 Amperex 7308 white labels). Switched from a Levinson 333, which I had for 8 years, to a Pass X350.5 about 6 months ago, and my jaw just dropped to the floor. Speakers are Thiel 3.6

An ARC 300.2 should be a perfect match. I have an LS15 with the 100.2 and they work great together. I have not heard the 150 and 300 versions of this amp, but if they are anywhere near the 100.2, they are definitely worth checking out.
Audphile1, I have a 700cx with Chario Academy 3 juniors and a Velodyne DD-15 sub.
With my Audio Research LS3, LS25, and Reference-3 I have found that the Plinius SA-50, SA-100, SB-300 (for sale) and SA-Reference sound wonderful!
Thanks for all your responses. However, I think I may have found a deal on a BAT vk-31se which can't be passed up. My brief search for an ARC pre has ended.
ARC preamps have (relatively) low output impedance for tube gear and therefore can run well with many SS amps. I had a great 7 year run with the ARC Ref One and Pass Aleph 2 100w monoblocks in balanced mode; that was a terrific combination.
ARC 100.2 Read the reviews....... Perfect for the ARC Mk1 series....
well to add one more thought, my dad just bought the 16 a couple weeks ago and pairs it with Classe amps and it really sounds great.