arc pre-amps SP-9 LS7 or the SP12 with vandersteen

any thoughts on these pre-0amps with the vandies?
One of my all time favorite preamps is the SP9MKII or MKIII. It has a wonderful phono stage. The SP12 is pretty old. I have heard the LS7, but not in my system.

The SP9 series only uses (2) tubes, so tube rolling is inexpensive. The SP12 uses (5) tubes and the LS7 uses (4).

If you do decide on the SP9, make sure you get a MKII or a MKIII. They really are better than the original SP9.
i have an offer right now for the LS7 that is pretty good below 700 what do you think?
Do you need a phono stage? The LS7 is line level only. Most of the SP9MKII's I have seen for sale here on Audiogon are around the $700 price range also. You could always try the LS7 and resell it if you don't like it.
no ido all digital music, do you think the sp9MKII is better?
The LS7 is a more transparent line stage than the older SP9 mkIII and earlier versions.