ARC Phono - Which one should I get? Ref or PH7

Which would be the best value for money?
What cartridge are you going to be using with this phono preamp? (Specifically, what is the output of said cartridge?) The ARC phono preamps tend to have a somewhat limited amount of gain, so if you are running a really low output MC cartridge, (say 0.25 mv or less), they may not be your best choice.
ARC is about to release a " Ref 2" phono stage with adjustable gain ( for both SE and balanced outputs). This may well answer the theoretical issues Kurt tank raises.
I agree in part with him but the PH7 does work with LOMC . This depends in part on the line stage used.I use a PH7 and ref3 with a LOMC of 0.23 mv with no problems , but , as always, YMMV.
Well to simplify things, in this case lets say if I decide to go with coils....
They look different and its a different design all togather. I will be using it with a tube pre of some nature in the chain matching it with a levinson power amplifier.
Any input will help. I am just wondering which would be a more enjoyable phono to have when it comes to sound quality, egronomics, built and so on.......

The PH-7 has many more features than the Reference, (and more easily accessed via its remote control), so I would go with that one. As long as you don't go with a really low output cartridge, you should be okay.
Does it have to be ARC? If you want value for money in a truly high end tube phono stage, then look at the TROM Seven. Bespoke item, built to order (in the UK) and good value (both in audio and £-dollar terms).