ARC Phono Ref 2 SE - Dealer Demo Unit Worth Price?

The local ARC dealer I've purchased from many times over the years is about to move to a new location and has offered me a deal on a Phono Ref 2 SE he's had in his demo rack. He retubed the unit a while ago and the tubes now have about 1400 hours on them. Is $10K a good price for this? I've been saving for the Phono 8 which is just $2k shy of what he's asking.

For what it's worth, I'm running a VPI Classic 3 with Dynavector DV-20X2H, ARC LS-27 pre and Ayre VX-R amp into Vandersteen 5A speakers.
If you buy a cartridge from the same dealer, insist on him installing and aligning it accurately, including azimuth adjustment (in my experience almost never level when viewed from the front), and included in the price. If he questions or balks at that, run for the door and never go back.

29% off from a dealer is a good deal. I worked for an ultra high end audio store for a couple of years ... and the best anyone ever got was a 30% discount ... and that was a couple of guys who were repeat customers who were turning over very expensive Goldmund equipment. You probably could have gotten one for less from a private party that was a couple of years old with no warranty left. You're better off with what you did, IMHO.
Me, for 10 g's I would buy a lower noise Pass phono stage and pocket the dollar savings. But that's just me. There's a factory refurb XP-25 for sale right now for $6800 at Reno Hi Fi web site that looks pretty good. (no connection to seller other than being a former satisfied customer).
Manley Steelhead would be my dream. First I don't like 6H30 tubes. There's no way to upgrade or fine tune tonal balance and I think they lack body.

Also the Steelhead operates differently if you go to their website. I asked one of the biggest writers in analogue about this question and that's how I learned about it. And it was his suggestion.