ARC PH5 vs. BAT VK10

Are these in totally different leagues or can you make a comparison between the two? I will be upgrading my TT and cart after I get my preamp, but currently I would be running a Rega P3-24 with Elys 2 Cart (6.8-7.2mV) and the TT-PSU, into a Marantz SR7300 Receiver (specs are 20Hz - 20kHz/THD=0.08%, signal to noise ratio 105dB, frequency response 8 Hz - 70 kHz, input sensitivity/impedance 168 mV/47 Kohms).
To the moment, i've been testing the ARC PH5...they do sound better than the ASR Basis in sound and bass regards, it has a good musicality and naturalness.