ARC LS5 Mk II - tube rolling

Hi gang. Just got an LS5 MkII (with BL2). The manual goes not give a schematic or tube function layout.

It came with the usual Sovtek and EH 6922 tubes in it.

Which are the most important tubes, as I start tube rolling? I have a few Seimens E188cc and some Amperex 6dj8s to play with, as well a few other 6dj8s, and want to put the Seimens in the most important positions.

Thanks in advance. Samir.
I own that amplifier, I have tried Amperex 6922's and Amperex 7308's, the 7308's (at ~$150/each) are AMAZING!!!
I just ordered and put 10 Phillips JAN 6922 in my LS mkII and was pleasantly surprised with the more involving sound!
Is there someone out there who can tell me what to do with the balanced inputs of the LS mkII and connecting unbalanced sources such as a CD player, a tuner and a Dac?
How do I get the most out of it?
Amperex 7308 provided they are legit. Best tube of the series ever made. From top to bottom....7308, 6922/ ECC88, 6DJ8.