ARC LS3 surround sound???

I had to make a compromise to have a nice 2 channel set up: I had to have this system do �double duty� as both 2 channel and home theater to keep the peace at home ( I am sure many of you can sympathize with this ). I have an ARC LS3 preamp, Bryston 4bst, Naim CDX and Revel F30�s for my 2-channel set up. I also have a home theater setup that is a Pioneer Elite VSX-41 receiver and a Pioneer Elite DVD/CD player. I have my HDTV cable box connected into the receiver via a digital coax cable.

To accomplish this I have connected the Elite receiver�s �preamp out� connection into the Bryston�s XLR inputs by way of Audioquest Diamondback RCA interconnects and a set of Cardas RCA/XLR adapters. When using the HT I set the switch at the back of the Bryston to the �XLR� setting, otherwise for 2 channel listening I leave it set to the RCA setting.

My question is this: can I run the Pioneer�s �preamp out� directly into my ARC? I have heard bits and pieces about running the Pioneer�s preamp out into the Arc�s �tape loop� input on the ARC, which would negate having to reach behind the unit to switch the balanced/rca switch as well as eliminate the XLR adapters. But wouldn�t this be running a preamp into a preamp? Wouldn�t there be 2 volumes to control? Did I here this correctly or am I completely nuts?

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
Your nuts, but dont listen to me =).

Yes, two volumes, but only when using surround modes.

Seriously you can research this easily here at A'gon by searching for "unity gain, processor loop, or HT bypass."

What about the hum, any luck?

You'll find the right spot to leave the volume at on your ARC pre when watching movies. Works fine and you're not overdriving the preamp inputs if you were worried about that. Did it myself til I got an LS 16 with the home theater bypass.
Thanks Distortion,

I bought a $15.00 ground break today at my dealer. It fixed the hum, however it also killed my High Def cable channels, I couldn't get a picture on any hidef channels until I removed the unit. I am considering buying a Mondial Magic unit but I am concerned that I might spend $100 and still not be able to receive my hidef channels. Ugh....