ARC LS27 Vs Parasound JC2

I've owned many ARC pre amps and line stages. I was told years back that the LS26 was a giant killer so I bought it, six months later I compared it to a Parasound JC2 and clearly the JC2 out performed it in nearly every category. The Absolute Sound reviews touted the JC2 as nearly a Ref 3. So now I looking to better my JC2 and I'm wondering if the LS27 would be the ticket to upgrade to? Anyone out there compared a Parasound JC2 to the new LS27? Any insights would be appreciated.
I have the LS27. Have not compared it to the JC2. I did compare it to several preamps from Ayre and McIntosh (C48/50 and 2200). I'm extremely happy with my decision.

Just a point of reference...

Mike, any comparisons help me.