I bought the LS26 a few weeks ago. After about 300 hours, and beginning to sound fantastic, it stopped working completely. It seems the standby mains transformer is responsible.

Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this. Have I just been very unlucky, or is this a known fault?
Audiogoner Theo had bought a "show demo" LS26 from a dealer that wouldn't come out of MUTE. This happened right out of the box. Audio Research replaced it with a new unit.

His new unit is performing flawlessly so far. I think he said he had over 300 hours on it...
No problems with mine! Love the soundstage and dynamics
As MoFi mentioned I had issue with my first unit. But AR replaced it and no problems since. The manual does mention a "reboot" procedure. I forget how they lable in the manual but you hit mute, the turn it off, unplug it for a length of time ??(it's in the manual) then you plug it in and try again. If you have tried that and still no tunes I would be calling ARC in the morning they were great on the phone. I am at about 375 hours and it should be fully broken in now. Sounds good but some vinyl sound more, dullish than I had with solid state. Maybe thats' warmth??