ARC LS25 or SFL2 preamp

It's time to upgrade again and I thought it would be great to get everybodies input before I do so. Associated equipment is ARC VT100Mkii, Dali Helicon 800 and as source components Marantz SA14 and VPI Scout with Grado Reference cartridge. I would replace an ARC SP16 with either of the above mentioned pre amps.


I don't know if I should comment on this or not as I am about to put an ARC LS25II up for sale............ But, I would strongly suggest going for the ARC. It will be more of a synergistic match with your VT100 and is a better sounding preamp IMHO. BTW, I have owned both.
ARC. Synergism, you know.

Bob Wood
Cmo- Just curious, what are you upgradeing your preamp to? What has given you the bug. Best-Gary...
Cmo, thanks for your input. The LS 25 was my original choice until I somehow came across an SFL2. The LS25 sells for about $ 750.00 more than the SFL2 and that got me thinking. Both amps are very natural performers that don't add or take away too much from the original. Could you perhaps eloborate a bit more on the differences between the two amps since you've own(ed) both. Which power amp(s) do or did you use with them.



I just took the plunge on an Aesthetix Callisto and am still trying to get a handle on the sound of it...... It is a monster though!


I used both a SF Power2 and an ARC VT200 (which I still own). With both amps I felt the LS25II was a bit sweeter and more musical. It was also quieter and a bit more extended up top....... These were not huge differences but enough to make me move on to the ARC. Both units were completely trouble free. I am told that you can really change the sonic signature of the SF gear by tube rolling but I never gave it a shot.