ARC LS25 MkII vs. ARC Ref MkII??

I have an LS25 MkII and am thinking of upgrading to the Reference MkII... have any of you ever done the direct comparison? I recognize that there are diminishing returns, I'm just curious about what differences you may have been able to hear. People have said that the Ref MkII has better dynamics, and that the images are better... any of you listened to both? Thanks. MGX1138
I have listened to both,the improvement you get does not
substaniate the cost.You would be better of putting your
money in upgraded cables and Interconnects!

Just curious, does the LS25 MII pre-amp use Hovland capacitors anywhere in its circuits?

I also compared the two preamps. The Ref. preamp adds about 10-15% improvement in sound, a little more natural, better bass definition, better detail and sound stage and a little warmer sounding overall. If you could get a great deal on one, the answer to your question is yes, if not, then no. There maybe other preamps from CJ, Hovland or First Sound that may have the same sonic characteristics of the Ref. 1 for a little less, but I have not compared them directly myself.
I've owned an LS25 MkII and extensively auditioned the Ref 2 MKII. The Ref2 is definitely better. I think it does image somewhat more clearly and retrieves more detail. I thought the bass was about the same, a little loose on both. Whether it is worth the difference in cost is a matter of your priorities and budget.

Has anyone also listened to the less pricey LS16 MKII?
How does it stack up to the LS25 MKII?