ARC LS25 MkII preamp - Phono amp?

I just picked up a ARC LS25 MkII tube preamp. Love it but now thinking of adding a turntable. It didn't come with literature but I'm assuming it doesn't have a built in phone amp. Does anyone know whether it does?


If it doesn't, any recommedations for one? I've got a Bryston 4B ST amp, the LS 25 MKII pre and Aerial Model 8 speakers.

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Its a line stage only. You need to get a separate phono stage - your selection of that will depend on your choice of turntable, tone arm, and cartridge, as well as your sonic preferences (if that is important to you). Oh yeh, and your budget! :-)

Line stage only on ARC's LS series - you'll need an outboard phono preamp, as @newbee sez.

Many thanks gents. I assumed that but you know what they say about  assuming

Another question, I'm more in love with the nostalgia of playing records than I am convinced in the fidelity of analog recorded music over CDs. Bottom line I'm not planning to drop more than $700-$1,000 on a turntable. I noticed some have phoni preps built in (Dual, Pro Ject, etc). Are the phoni preamps that are built in basically crap?

When you say 'turntables' are you thinking deck/arm/cartridge? If so I think you will not have to worry much that it will challenge your CDP. But, I can't fault your logic. Personally, with your budget constraints, you might get the chance to find out if you even like the fiddling that goes on with a vinyl system. You can always transition to a high-end system if you do AND if you find sufficient music to justify the change. Personally speaking, considering the competence of digital and the availability of music both CD's and the internet, I would spend my bucks on the thing that counts the most and which we can never have too much of - the music. BTW, a well thought-out high end vinyl system, properly set up, can be outstanding with the appropriate recordings, but as you probably know it can't be had on the cheap, not even close. 

Good luck.

Apologize for my lack of appropriate terminology. Yes, turntable meaning the whole setup (cartridge, tone arm, platter, plinth, etc). 

Im just realizing a) my vinyl is from 75 to mid 80's and my CD collection from 85 to 2010. I haven't "purchased" music in 10 years. All the current music I want I streamed via phone/Bluetooth.I think investing in a quality streamer is probably the first beat move and then add a $7-900 "turntable." Does that make sense to y'all?

I highly recommend an Audio Research Phonostage. I have owned more than half a dozen. Audio Research has been known first for preamps and phono stages… I would not consider anything else. Buy the best used you can afford. My rule of thumb is TT = Phono stage = preamp = amp roughly in cost (carefully chosen of course).

I just got and Audio Research Reference 3SE… replacing my Audio Research Reference 3… I had little expectation of it sounding better… wow, it does! I thought the Audio Research PH8… took the phono stage out of the picture… but they just get better. The phono stage is critical in the analog end… like the DAC in the digital end.

Look @ an inexpensive Rega like the Planer 1 (plus a budget phono preamp) or the Rega Planer Plus 1 with built in phono preamp.

They are within your budget (come with a decent cartridge) and are basically plug and play.