ARC LS25 MK II - VT 100 MK III I.C.sug

Greatings All,
Interconnect suggestions for LS25MkII-VT100MkIII? Listening for detail without brightness, fleshed-out mids, tight bass, holographic image. Using Alon'II MKII with 21' of Acarian's Black Orpheus speaker cable and a Rotel 990 CD. Is it possible to have it all? Thanks,
My system is not exactly what you are listening to, but close. I have an ARC LS15 driving a VT130 into Martin Logan SL3's. The front end is a Sony SACD into a Timbre DAC for CD play and the Sony by itself for SACD's I am very happy with this system. However, it wasn't to many months ago I was ready to drive the whole system down to the beach and dump it off the Huntington Beach pier. I blame my dealer somewhat with for my delima.

To your question, my dealer finally talked me into trying upgraded cables (interconnects, speaker cable). I was the one who used to say all cables are the same (wouldn't go so far as some who say there is no differenc from Radio Shack speaker wire to expensive cables). He sent me home with Transparent Audio (like you balanced) Super interconnects and Transparent Audio Super speaker cable. Since then I have upgraded again to the Ultra's. The aurgument will be why does one have to pay half again for cableing to benefit from expensive equipment, sorry can't answer that but it does work. Many will say that the likes of Transparent Audio and Mit cableing, with the networks inline, role off the top and bottom, I don't experience that at all. Good luck..........Bob
You might want to try ARCs own litzlink balanced interconnects,for te price they seem to work very well with their own gear.I've used them with my ref 2/ref 600 mk II set up with very good results.You can get better but you will spend$$$$$$$$$$ more.
I have done quite a bit trials in this area and found the Nordost cables to work incredibly well. There is a synergy with the ARC equipment that is very appealing.

If you need any Nordost cable, call Jim at (425)454-2279, he always takes care of me. You can even mention that Jonathan recommended that you call him.

I own the LS25 MKI and the VT100 MKII. The transparent (at least Utra) and the NBS (at least Monitor III) will give the tonal richness while maintaining the extension in the treble and openess in the treble/midrange. You should audition these/every cable in your system before buying. Your system/room preference should determine the "best" for your system.

I have heard both the LS25 MKII and the VT100 MKIII. I prefer the tonal balance of both older versions with NOS 6H23 input tubes. The LS25 MKII and VT100 MKIII do not have the smooth liguidity of the older versions and tend to sound analytical in the Highs (some people characterize this as 'brightness'.) I have no intention of upgrading to the latest version of the LS25 and VT100.
I have the amp and preamp you are asking about with a Meridian 508-20 CD and Avalon Ad2055 Parametric. The whole system is wired balanced with Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 Microphone cable. ($200 for a 15ft pair). It works very well and one does not need to spend more. This is what is used in the best studios with the best microphones. I tried more esoteric cables but most were really no better with the my equipment.
I use LS-15 and Aerius i , ( proceed hpa2 amp ) and the Transparent Ultra is everything you just asked for. Of course this is all a "taste thing" so try them out if you can. Good luck with your search.
Delphinj, where can the monster Studio Pro be purchased?
try tara labs air 2s I use them on my mk3 also try the tara labs power screen for amps it made a huge differance also the amp needs its own outlet .JK