ARC LS25/Classe CAM 350/Maggie 3.6

Hi there:
Would appreciate some advice on some moderately priced interconnects and speaker cables for my new system: Sony SACD 777ES, ARC LS 25, Classe CAM 350 monoblocks and Magnepan 3.6s.
Many thanks
I have Marantz SA-1, TacT 2.0AA,Bryston 7B monoblocks and Magnepan 3.6s. I am using the Nordost Quattrofils on all connections up to the amps. The 3 meters to my amps are handled nicely by the speed of the Quattrofils. It is hard to find that length used. However, I got a good price from Audio-Video Logic (which is a local dealer for me but also one of the dealers on Audiogon-they are simply incomparable to deal with in my experience). I am using Nordost SPM speaker cables bi-wired to the Maggies. I am sorry I can't give you a comparison to any other current cables. I was previously using my older monster cables and I put these into the mix and they sounded so good I quit looking.
I tried the Nordost top digital cable (silver streak?) and found that the analog out of my SA-1 sounded far better to my ears (I know this is not conventional thinking). I figure it must be something to do with the D/A converter in the SA-1 and its effect on the music.
I have strongly considered the Classe 350s but my dealer doesnt stock them. Did you happen to try the Maggies with Brystons? What is your impression of the 350s with the Maggies. Any downside?
I would strongly recommend you try the TacT with the Maggies as a room correction system. The company will send one out for 30 day approval. It is wonderful what it does to the soundstage and the balance of the speakers. I have owned Maggies for many years and it solves all of the minor problems with the speakers (with the exception of the very deepest bass-although it does improve the bass). The TacT and Maggies are a synergistic combination. If you do try the TacT, ignor the recommendation to place the speakers close to the wall. They still need to be out at least 2 1/2 feet or they will vibrate at higher volumes. Hope these comments help.
Check out Stereophile Vol. 24 No. 1 (Jan 2001). Brian Damkroger reviewed the CAM 350's. The speakers were the MG 3.6/R along with a CJ pre I believe. Hope this helps. Good luck!