ARC LS2 - replacing the Alps pot

I would like to replace the Alps pot on my LS2. I am looking for a motorized potentiometer. It seems that my LS2 is using a 100k Quad pot (that's what it says on the schematics that came with the preamp). Any suggestions and help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
Call ARC and speak with Leonard. He would know better than anyone here, a very nice guy too.
Look at the bentaudio website [] John has a complete motorized stepped attenuator kit available for $200.You will also have to choose from either Gold point,dact or Shallco switches [any of these will provide better performance than a pot].For $300 you can get the assembly complete with a shallco which would be my choice for your unit.I am sure John will help you choose the right value and type.