ARC LS17 vs Aesthesix Calypso

I am considering these two pre amps. Any observation from members that have heard both would be appreciated. My system consists of Theta basic II, Camelot Uther IV DAC, Rogue Audio M-150 amps, Martin Logan Summits and Tara Labs Air 1 interconnects and speaker cable. Thanks for you help.
I own the ML Summits too and think the Calypso sounds wonderful paired with it.

Email me if you have additional questions.
I have owned both and I have kept the Calypso. For me there is no contest. I just do not think ARC has got it right with the LS17. I have been an ARC owner from the '70s but the Calypso is a keeper. I also recommend the Io phono preamp from Aesthetix. Great sound and an excellent company.
Jwc37 brings up a good point about Aesthetix: They are fantastic to deal with. Jim White and Glenn Buckley are two of the nicest guys in Audioland.
I would have to agree with JWC37 on the LS-17. I auditioned the 17, 26 & Ref 3 and felt the 17 was never in the race. It just didn't have any hook to it - nothing it did grabbed me.

I have heard the Calypso albeit in another system and it was rather nice indeed although at that time there was an issue with "noisy" tubes. Providing that has been taken care of I think its a great preamp...