ARC LS16 Mk2 Question re Phono

I own the above amp which to date I have only used with CD. I now want to connect my turntable. The Mk1 had a Phono input and selector option, but these were removed in the Mk2. Does the SE AUX input support the Phono connection in the Mk2? The user guide, which is the Mk1 manual with an addendum page, gives no clues!
The LS16 NEVER had a built-in phone stage in either version. The SP16 does. You will need an outboard phono stage. The input names only were relabeled on the MK2.
Here is a link with more info:
Realised after posting that I must have had a bit of a senior moment! I actually have an SP16 also and I guess the phono input on that (and selector) and inbuilt phono made me assume that the L(ine)S(tage)16 was the same ... should have thought it through more carefully. Thanks for the posts.