ARC LS15 owners comment /upgrade?

Any comment on the ARC LS-15 pre amp.Im using with Tungsram NOS 6922's and love the transparency and detail as well as solid bass over stock tubes. I am thinking of the Infini cap upgrade from ARC, and wonder if its a worthwhile mod.Thanks.
Put in a call to Jeff at will be an education in caps and well worth your time.
don't bother with ARC's upgrade

I have an ls5, my friend had his ls22 upgraded by Steve Huntley at GNS and it is phenominal

get the real upgrade from Steve at
Great Northern Sound

Steve was an engineer who designed for ARC, Wadia and Cal Labs - search the archives for some great recommendations on his work
Yes, I'm familiar with GNS and have spoken to Steve some time ago. His work is highly regarded and I have several upgrade quotes from him regarding my older SP-9 and my Wadia 23. But, unfortunately at 4-5X the price of the ARC upgrade for the LS15 caps it seems too much to me, which is why Im inquiring of LS15 owner who have had the ARC mod. Tahnks.
Going with Steve at GNS is a total 'no-brainer'. I have an SP-9 III that got the reference upgrade. It is now truly a reference piece, and I can only imagine what he could do with an LS 15.