Hello, this is my first post.
i'd like to know if it's possible to connect ad unbalanced source to a fully balanced pre (ARC LS5) via RCA - XLR adapters?
and what about connecting this (fully balanced) pre with an unbalanced power amp?
I was looking for a ARC LS2, but maybe i'd manage to find a LS5 at a bargrain price

thank you vincenzo

It should be no problem. You will need XLR to RCA adaptors. Most Electronic parts wharehouses carry them. Try this link and scroll down.
Hi Chuck thank you for your replay.
I asked to the seller too: he told me, but he wasn't sure, that there wuoldn't be any problems in conecting an unbalanced output to a balanced input, but the contrary (unbalanced input to balanced output) would be bad.
hello, the pre i'm going to buy is a Mk1.
As i'd use it with unbalanced Cd player and unbalanced power amp, do you think it's worth to take it, or it would be better to go for something different i.e. ARC LS 15-16, that costs less too?
thank you

It will definitely work, you will not be getting the full potential of the Audio Research preamp. Have you listened to the LS-5? If so do you like it's sonics? The ARC LS-5 is a fine preamp and a worthwhile investment. There are plenty of good preamps out there. The Modwright 9.0 is a fine single ended preamp as is the CJ LS 17. Without knowing the rest of your system and your preferences it is difficult to offer an opinion.


i've never listened to the LS-5. My sistem at the moment is:
- Naim cdx (cd player)
- Thorens td 160 + grado red cartridge
- clearaudio basic - pre phono
- Aloia pst 140 Solid State pre
- Aloia st240 SS power amplifier
- Totem model one
- Tproject cables (interconnect - Italian Manufacturer) -
- VdH (loudspeaker cables)
I'd like i bit nore detailed sound and a wider soundstage, (without loosing dynamic and unfatiguing sound). At first i thought to take an ARL Ls2, but then i realized that it wouldn't be a real upgrade comparing it to my pre (i would say a different sound, more detailed but a bit dry).
Now i have the chance to buy tha ARC ls5 at a bargain price, but i can't listen to it (it's in UK and i'm in Italy)