ARC LS-2 vs LS-22R

I am considering upgrading from the ARC LS-2 to the Arc LS-22. (I like the ARC preamps, as they seem to be built to a very high standard. I have never had a problem with any of my ARC equipment).

My local dealer has a used LS-22R, but before I tear apart my system, and demo it to hear what it sounds like, I would like to know what any current and/or past users of the LS-2 and/or LS-22 think about the comparision between the two.

I like the sound that I get from a tube preamp, so I plan on sticking with that. I like the LS-2 a lot, but I would not mind upgrading it a bit, and I would like the convenience of a remote. (Plus the ability of someday upgrading to run balanced inputs. I currently only use the balanced out to my Levinson No. 23 amp, which, by the way, I have no desire to replace).

My question is: Is the sound really any better, or am I really just upgrading to get the remote, (and the future used of the balanced inputs). I have heard that the LS-22 has a more "tubey" sound. Is this right or do they really just sound the same.

Thanks for your input!

Current system includes:

Levinson No. 23 amp
Revel Studio Speakers
ARC PH-3 Phono Preamp
Basis 1400 TT, w/RB 300 arm & Koetsu Black cartridge
Sony 9000ES DVD/SACD/CD player
MIT 770 CVT biwire speaker wire
Various interconnects, including: Straight wire Serenade, MIT 330, Kimber Hero
I've owned both and the LS22 is definitely the better sounding preamp. The bass is what stands out in my mind,
probably due to the huge power supply that is used.
The highs were a little softer or less pronounced then
the LS2; although I never tube rolled the LS22 (8) tubes
vs the (1) in the LS2.

The LS22 is the one, especially if the output caps are infiniti (most were MIT)
I am going to say something here that will piss off some people but IMHO and I think it was also stated in the Stereophile review if I am correct, the LS-22 is a bright sounding preamp. People in the industry who know ARC will tell you that the LS-22 was the worst preamp that ARC designed. The review mentions somethig about the sound being bright or something like that but they were a little nicer than I am here.

Save your mondy and buy somethig else.

Happy Listening.
Owned them both, and agree completely with Wings.
Later I switched to a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 and never looked back........
The LS22 is a better sounding Preamp. It has PRAT. The problem with the LS22 is that the stock tubes suck. If you buy it you will at least have to replace the first 4 positions, all eight if you run balanced. This can be an expensive proposition. The best sounding tubes that I have heard used are the Amprex 7308's the best cheap tubes are the Slyvania 7308's about 15 bucks a pop. I think Upscale Audio likes the 6H23 for this pre. If You did not have a Preamp I would say get the LS22. Since you have the LS2B try rolling some different tubes and see what you think. It will be a lot cheaper.