ARC LS-2 tube recommendation

What tube should I get to replace the stock one? And where can I get them at?

I used to own an LS2
a little too bright for my liking
The Mullards or Siemans match well
and with only one tube feel free to experiment

contact Fletch here, best tubes and he really knows his stuff

I went to an ls5 with 10 tubes to restock - all nos
Thanks for the input. Do you know the tube numbers?
these are 6922's or 7308's

I can dig up some info

I heard there was a good dutch tube that worked with the LS2

I like the Telefunkens for my LS5
Had an ARC LS-2BR MKII and tried many, many tube brands in the 6DJ8 family, and settle with the Telefunken E188CC Gold Pin tube. Sweet and expensive.
you are lucky you only need 1 tube...

you should be able to tube roll very easily. the only questions that will arise is:

reliable seller - there are a lot of fake tubes
reliable tubes - nos premims are the 50'-60's variant
price- they can get very $$$$$ if the the above 2 statements are excellent

take a look at joes tube lore on audio asylum..that will give you a good idea on the 6922/7308/6dj8/e188cc/e88cc situation.

alot will depend on your personal taste and where you want to take the sound...

i would suggest trying some tubes here on audiogon from relaible sellers, brent jesses website, and tubeworld ($$$) and experiment ( its alot of fun!!!)

hope that helps,