ARC Litz Line Speaker Cable

Does anyone know anything about these cables, like the gauge of the wire and what they went for new (ballpark)? I can't seem to find anything about them and I am wondering how they would work with my Odyssey amp and Von Schweikert speakers? Presently I am using Groneberg speaker cable which is what my amp is internally wired with.

Amp is Odyssey Stratos Plus Extreme+++ and speakers are Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers.
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In 2005 I paid $339 for a 4 meter pair of Litz Link interconnects (RCA) to go between my pre amp and amp. I don't know who Audio Research contracted to have this line of cables made for them, and I think the line is no longer being offered by Audio Research. Anyway, I never found them to be anything remarkable, but neither did I find that they did anything wrong. I now have the same length of Blue Jeans LC1 between my pre-amp and amp, which cost me about 16% of the price of the Litz Link, and the Blue Jeans perform just as well or even better in that location in my system. Bottom line I don't think this line of cables is anything remarkable.