ARC Hybrid FET/Tube audio circuit

Hopefully easy questions for you guys to answer, so here it goes.
I was recently told on the hybrid ARC preamps, only the phono section plays through the tube.
Ive also noticed a lot of the ARC preamps in my price range only have 1 Main RCA Output or a combination of RCA jacks and XLR.
So, questions are,
1.On ARC Hybrid do all the inputs play through the tube section or only the phono?
2. Can additional RCA outputs be added for a reasonable cost?
3. Can the combination of RCA and XLR be used concurrently, say the XLR to the main amp and the RCA to powered sub?
Thanks in advance for your input.
".On ARC Hybrid do all the inputs play through the tube section or only the phono?"

It depends on the model.
The SP14 has only one tube, so I will assume then that only the phono section has a tube, but what about the SP9?
It only has two tubes.
Are both tubes in the phono section or is one tube for the phono and the second tube for the other inputs?
Thanks again.
1. The SP9 and SP14 use the tube(s) for ONLY the phono stage.

2. It would be cheaper to use a RCA "Y" adapter.

3. Yes, that's the way I ran mine.
Thank you again--this clears things up for my next purchase.
The above info is incorrect. The SP9 uses one tube in the phono stage and one tube in the high level stage. The SP14 utilizes one tube in the phono stage. The high level stage is solid state. There are better ARC preamps out there. They had issues with crosstalk that were improved in the MKII and MKIII versions.
Ltngstrucktwice, just an fyi -- Hifigeek (aka Gary) is an authorized ARC service tech. You can rely on whatever he says.
Sorry, I stand corrected. I was only an ARC dealer for many years. Apparently, I am wrong. I always thought that the SP9 used both tubes in the phono stage...
Ah...maybe its best to just stay away from the Hybrid pre's all together?
Just make a choice between tube or SS and stick with the Line Stage--I dont see myself getting into vinyl any time soon, so a tube phono stage would be of no use anyway.
I know a lot of this has been beat to death, so I appreciate the feedback.
Picking decent used audio gear makes completing my Morgan Dollar Collection seem like kids
Thank you.
Well it's not that difficult. Most ARC preamps utilize both tubes as solid state devices for things like constant current sources. Remember the SP9 and 14 use FET technology that is decades old. There are newer devices that sound a lot better as technology has improved. I myself use an old ARC SP3C. All tube except for the new FET regulator board that replaced the old power supply. It's a wonderful preamp.
Well Gary, if I may call you that?
If I had your knowledge of these things it prolly would go a little
I was using a Van Alstine FET THREE, up until it played its last notes a couple weeks ago.
I was happy with it and was hoping even and older ARC with FET technology would be an improvement.
Im just gonna concentrate on SS and when I have more time in my life, play around with the tube stuff.
At this point, I just wanna come home, turn the stereo on and listen to good, revealing and detailed music.
Why not send your preamp back to Van Alstine and let him repair it and update it for you. Might I suggest finding a used Dynaco Pas 3. Inexpensive, and very up-datable. BTW calling me Gary is fine. Calling me Fred...that's another story.
For info: My Audio Research Sp-15 has three tubes. All 3 are ony in the phono stage.
My ARC SP-15 also has (two sets) RCA and (one set) XLR output. both RCA and XLR can be used at the same time.
One set of RCA is inverted output.
I spoke to Frank about two weeks ago.
He is slammed with new orders and he quoted 5 weeks before he could even look at it, let alone locate the parts and fix it.
My FET THREE is a pretty nice unit.
I've always been happy with it for the most part.
Its been the most revealing of the pres Ive owned to date, tho the soundstage was not as broad as I want.
Even when the sound started to go, it was still easy to listen too.
My particular pre has Transcendence boards, but all said, it has its drawbacks too.
A pretty annoying issue there's no getting around are the RCA jacks.
They are not spaced very well and that makes it impossible to use most quality RCAs side by side--this is not Franks issue, it is just how the design of the Dynaco PAT 4s are.
Besides, its too late for repairs now.
I committed to buy a LS3B this morning.
Im picking it up Monday and Im pretty excited.