ARC GS150 design error

Hi ARC users

I sent the below to ARC, got no response. Does anyone else have an issue with these meters?

"I just bought a GS150 power amp and love the sonics. But there is a design error with the output meters. It was clear on operating the amp that the output meters are linear. That only means you must push a lot of power for the meters to register. I run about 20 watts for normal levels so the meters don't move at all. My ARC rep who sold me the amp said ARC wanted true power indication so decided on linear meters. OK, so why is the printed scale on the meters logarithmic? That's the way McIntosh runs their meters.

The clear error, you have linear meters but show a log scale. You should make a correction one way or the other.

My preference and I bet what everyone else wants, use the log scale and change the meters to logarithmic. That way we can see meter movement at all power levels. I might add putting the db scale under the watts would make good sense.

I hope ARC is considering this correction as I am sure I am not only one pointing this out. 


Gregory Jones"

Damn, that's a pretty major error to make for a company that has been making amps as long as ARC has. Not ARC bashing, but jeez. Personally, I don't like meters, except for setting bias, etc.