ARC DSI200 or Bryston 4bsst2 & ARC SP16L

Currently own a Bryston 4bsst2 amp. I'm about to try a ARC SP16L as the preamp, but I'm also loving the look of the DSI200 by ARC. I'm considering selling the Bryston amp to finance the DSi200. I'm trying to get a little more warmth from my system due to a recent speaker change that can benefit from some added warmth. Comments appreciated. : )

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If you are looking to add warmth and dramatically increase your listening enjoyment, you should go with a decent tube amp. The McIntosh MC 275 MK V is a great sounding gutsy tube amp that would sound great with your Dyn's. I owned that Mac amp as well as five models of Dyn speakers all the way up to the C4's. An Audio Research tube amp would be a big step over any of the solid state amps mentioned as well. Don't let stories about Dyn's only working well with high powered ss amps fool you. The worst sounding amp I ever tried with Dyn's was a pair of Simaudio W-6 monoblocks... go figure. Once you try a good tube amp, you'll never be satisfied with solid state IME.