ARC DS225/DS450 or stick with their tube amps?

I'm interested in hearing some feedback from members that own or have spent some time with one of the new Audio Research Definition Series amps. I'm interested in the DS225 or DS450. I recently sold a pair of KT88 monoblocks for two reasons 1) upgrade bug in search of better sound 2) I was tired of the heat build up in my small dedicated room.

I'm like the fact that the DS amps are a zero feedback design. I'm a Vandersteen user, and heard that those speakers love zero feedback amps. I have considered an Ayre, but would like to stay ARC; the amp would be used with a ARC LS series preamp.

You will get the best results with Vandersteen if you go with all fully balanced, zero feedback components. It really does make a very big difference. At first, it may not seem like a big deal, but once you get all the right components, everything just locks in and takes your system to a higher level.You still have to like the sound of the individual components, but try to keep them all 0 FB and balanced. I've had some ARC gear in the past, but have come to really like Ayre. If you like tubes, Aesthetix is also a great choice. They mix well with Ayre components. I haven't heard the newer ARC gear so I can't comment but I would expect them to sound very good. I've always felt, for the most part, that ARC's SS gear is underrated.

You're definitely headed in the right direction. When you finish putting your system together, I think you will be amazed as to how good it will sound.
I love Audio Research pre amps Reference 5 excellent but produce too much heat same goes for their tube amps. I have heard DS450 digital amp at dealer on Wilson Sasha they are not recommended stick with their tube amps only, good sound( bad - heat). If you want amp that does not produce lots of heat I would recommend Macintosh or try a new class D Merrill Veritas - my personal choice works great with my Wison Sophia speakers.

I have ARC's Ref5SE paired with a DS450. This is a very nice combo. Yes, the Ref5SE can get a bit warm; however, the DS450 runs very cool.

I used to have the LS27 (not sure which LS you have or looking at) and it did not get too hot.

Hope this helps!