ARC...D-90B or D-115MKII? - Driving Maggie 1.6s


I'm about to venture into tubes and don't want to spend a ton of money. I'm looking at these two amps for approximately the same price.

Is one of these better than the other? I'm expecting delivery of my Magnepan 1.6s on Thursday. It seems like both amps would have enough power to drive them w/o much difficulty, so I'm just looking for comments from anyone who's familiar with these pieces.

BTW - The rest of the system will be:

Audio Research CD-1
Audio Research LS-9
Interconnects are Homegrown Audio Super Silver and Audioquest Opal X3. Speaker cables will be either Audioquest GR-8 or Goertz MI2.

Thanks so much,

Thanks to you both, Brulee and Franklapdog! I'm really leaning toward the D-115MKII.

That's interesting that the D-90 had sufficient power to drive the original CLSs. My good friend just bought a pair and is powering them with an Adcom 5802 (300wpc). Perhaps it's true that tube watts are more powerful than solid state? The CLSs seem to be VERY inefficient. If the D-90 will drive them, then the D-115 should be MORE than enough with my Magnepans, no?

Any advice on which tubes to look for?

Also, since this will be my first experience with tubes, is there any test/calibration equipment that I'll need to keep the amp going. What about resources to learn about biasing the tubes, etc.??

Thanks so much!
I am driving my 1.6's with Rogue 120 Magnums (120 watts tube) and have just enough power to rock pretty good.
I do not know anything about the ARC amps, but from my experience I recommend the tightest bass and the smoothest highs with all your equipment and cables for these speakers.

I hope this helps in some way.
Hi Dan

I have a buddy that bought my D-115 Mk2 to replace his D-90. It really took him a while to decide which one HE liked better. After rolling some of the inputs on the D-115, he finally sold the D-90 but still felt it better in some respects, sweeter mids. The d-115 does have more powerful bass. All things said, I like the d-115 but it is a preference thing. At the same price I would go with the d-115, feeling it offers better value. If you have the chance to listen to both, don't turn down the opportunity. You may opt for the 90.
I used the D115 MkII for 12 years to drive the MG 3A and 3.5/R. The D115 MKII was an excellent performer, and is highly recommended for the MG 1.6. I would use the quasi-biamping technique with the ARC.