ARC CD8 or Ayre C5mp .

The Ayre gets all the press and then some , but can it be as good as ARCs new CD8 ? The CD8 s cost is twice that of the C5mp and uses tubes . Im not a big fan of tubes , but maybe tubes would be the answer when it comes to digital . P.S. my distaine for tubes is not sonicly induced . Comments please .
I don't know which player sounds better but Ayre's answer for harsh digital sound is the minimum phase filter. It works by eliminating pre-ringing which is a major advancement for digital sound IMHO.

Meridian and EMM Labs also think this is the way to go, their top of the line cd players incorporate variations of this technology and these players have been called the best digital sound ever heard in recent reviews by John Atkinson in Stereophile and Anthony Cordesman in TAS.

I'm not knocking ARC. I've never heard either player, the ARC may sound better.
I have both the CD7 (without the upgrade) and the C5xeMP. Both are outstanding units. I have A/B'd them in 3 systems. I prefer the overall musical presentation of the CD7 and so that is the one that remains in my reference system. But the Ayre is very, very, good, and perhaps the better value in terms of performance per $ spent.
Thanks for the input guys . I haven't made up my mind yet , but you have been a big help . should have mentioned I'm using ( injoying ) Ayre's KXR preamp , Revel Salon 1's , and levinson #431 amp . MAX