ARC CD7 in PASS 150 INT & BW803D&Cardas GR


I have a PASS INT 150 with B&W803D combined with Cardas Golden Reference.

I'm looking for a cd player to make the set-up complete.

I'm thinking of a ARC CD7 Does anybody has some experience with ARC CD7 and Pass amplication? Or some other suggestions (cd/sacd)

I've never heard ARC with Pass, but I have heard Esoteric with Pass on many occasions and think they work very well together.

With that said, the CD7 is one of my favorite CD players if you are OK with Redbook only.
What are the attributes of the present system? Which side of the ying/yang curve are you favoring? Leaning toward more warmth or greater detail and articulation? I would imagine toward the warmth side.
Try Ayre, I've heard the Ayre CD player with Pass Labs x150.5 and it sounded to be a good match (with Proac speakers).