ARc CD3 Repair follow up Question

Since my CD 3 returned from ARC having to have 5 power supply caps replaced, I have protected it now with a Shunyata Venom Defender. Where my question lays is that (yes, it is great to have it back in place and listen to music again:), Will or should the new caps have an effect on the sound? I have heard better (and some before hidden) insturments and recorded information) and this could be the help from the Venom Defender also but, I also do hear some amount of change in what I hear in the presentation too and I am attributing that to the differences in recordings but could this be from the new caps as well? and do the caps continue to break in even when the CD3 is only in stand by?
Rsjm80...sorry, but you asked this question before and got correct answers. Why are you asking again?

Also, I think that the Venom Defender is contributing just a small amount to the overall sound. It would only need a small amount of time to burn in, so I think it's probably already there. Give the caps time to break-in and enjoy your system.
In my experience, power supply electrolytic caps do not change their sound over a period of time like coupling caps used in the circuit.
Thank you both for your added help. Mofi where my confusion was that my thinking was that since the CD3 is always on Stand By that the it was delivering low current to the power supply and thus utilizing the PS caps as well in the process. I really do apperciate your help to clarify this for me as when you had answered me before that's what led to my confusion. I was also curious as to whether or not these caps could effect the sound as I have so many times seen posts regarding caps being changed and having sound quality differences. I don't know about these things and this is a great help for me. Thank you to you both for the help to understand and I surely am enjoying listening:)