ARC CD3 MKII vs. Ayre CX7e

Anyone compared the CD3 to the CX7? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each player?
I have heard both players, but only briefly on the same setup. I think they are both excellent players, and it comes down to preference and system matching.

I now own the Ayre cx-7e, but could easily be happy with the cd3 (albeit I don't have the space for a top loader). IMO, the Ayre is an incredible player for the price, besting some more expensive units I tried. It does so many things right it allows the focus to be on the music (& not the gear). In my system, I find it to be very neutral with a low noise floor. Highs are crisp and detailed without being forward or etched. The lower midrange and bass response appears seemless without being thin or exagerated. The players comes across as fluid & quick without being thin. I prefer this player to the Cary 306/200 and Cary 303/200.

My listening experience with the CD3 has been more limited, but I think its incredibly musical player. It doesn't come across as detailed as the Ayre, but its all there, just more fluid. The player has great balance between the sound extremes with nice highs, midrange and low-end. I found the presentation to be very full sounding with a broad soundstage. The player may err on the side of warmth, but I am not sure that is bad thing. Its very seductive sounding player. I also think its very forgiving on the setup. I heard it on 3 different speaker setups, ranging form lower end offerings to planars. The presenations varied, but I was amazed at how well it made these speakers performed. I heard the player against the Esoteric DV50 and the AR CD3 was my clear choice.

I highly recommend you try to hear both players in your system.