ARC CD3 MkII v Cary CD306

I currently have a Meridian 508.24 which I'm considering replacing after comparing it to the new Cary CD 306 Pro and hearing it being somewhat blown away - the 508 is still very good, but a seed has been planted. Unfortunatley, the new Cary is out of my price range, but the old 306 is not and neither is the ARC. Problem is that I can't audition either. Is a change to either from my current rig worthwhile and which is preferable? The rest of my system includes an ARC VT100 MkIII, an ARCLS16 MKII and AP Virgo III spreakers. Any comments please.
I own the ARC player and I am very pleased with it.

If you buy the ARC at a good price here you could resell it if your not pleased.

The ARC is wonderful. The only thing is that you will need to get used to, and have the space for the top loading feature.

It takes a few extra seconds to load vs a std drawer. Send me an email if there is anything else you would like to know. You can see the ARC in my systems